Moving + Continuation of old PROJECTS

Hey guys, I realized, I was never comfortable making my blog URLs have my internet name.

Besides, If I happen to change my internet name again… I’ll have to change my blog url so it fits… So, I changed it to something simpler.  So, here’s the link~


An AC Life


Forgive me for the URL change again, Hopefully, This one will be permanent. ^^;; At least I don’t have to keep making my url in sync  if my internet name changes.. lol


Don’t worry guys!  I still have my old posts here!   And even on the new blog, I have the old posts too!

Ever since I was planning the new blog.. I accidentally pressed a button that took all of this blog’s information to the new blog… But I wanted this blog to have the old posts  too.

So, Thanks to wordpress’ export (i think? )  function.  I was able to get a copy of the new blog’s information to this site.  However, It did not completely copied it all.

It only copied the posts and comments.  But not the background, theme and widgets.  So yeah, I had to have a temporary background because my old backgrounds are deleted now. and i can no longer get it.



Forgive me for the long explanation.  ehehe. ^^;;

I also continued one of my old projects, The one where I have to draw all the deleted pictures i accidentally deleted in the past..

One example is this post. 😛  ->


(Some pictures on the next post is rushed. because the wasn’t even ‘that’ interesting)



Peace out bros !  :mrgreen:  Have a nice day. 😀




Guess what?

Oh wait, I bet you can guess because of the title. 😉


I got a replacement, And my mom wasn’t “that” angry I lost my DSi. So she bought me a 3DS. (It’s my christmas gift. lol) I wasn’t really expecting that!
I already thought of having commissions on deviantart to pay for my own 3DS.. But instead, I won’t get to work that hard and still get the 3DS! :mrgreen:


Well, My 3DS  has a blue and black color, I wanted the red one but my mom didn’t know. 😛  It’s also XL.. I really don’t like large things. lol 😆


For people who wants to add me on their friend list on the 3DS..

This is my Friend Code ~

Name : Choco

4398 – 8843 – 3140

See you in Animal Crossing : New Leaf  (or maybe, Wild World ? 🙂 )  soon!

MQMT and Good Bye ~

Well, I think some of you remember my MQMT post.

I liked the game but I didn’t loved it.  😛

I just like the fact that i’m living in a dorm, going to a school full of magic and practice magic with friends.

So, I created this. xD



I really miss Animal Crossing, So I’ve been playing ..something, similar as well. xD  But only much more limited than Animal Crossing.

But Fun at start. 🙂

It’s called Magician’s Quest Mysterious Times.  and I’ve been playing it for the past few days, Just to freshen up my brain with games. xD


The one on the middle is Cherry, My character is on the back. lol.    and the front, I forgot. 😆






good bye..


Wait, you thought this was MY good bye?   nope, It’s for Jemma.   Who said Good bye on November 11,2012. 😦



I really lost my words when trying to comment on the exact post when she said good bye.
I was sorta sad that day. :/  and it took me a day to calm down.

I mean, It’s really sad.  After all we’ve been through, This is a formal good bye. 😥


Well, I did something a while ago.   To keep in our minds and hearts, The memory of all of us together.

Thanks to a game, That brought us happiness, comfort and friends. 🙂

Here we go,  This picture contains all the wi-fi meetings me and Jemma did. ^^



I understand why you have to leave, and I completely respect your decisions on leaving.

You can’t be successful without sacrificing something, wouldn’t it?     🙂  Well, I’ll miss you,Jemma.   Wait, no.

WE’LL miss you Jemma 😥

You were a very fun girl to play with.  And maybe someday, we’ll meet up again in the game.. or maybe in real life if my sis became really great at soccer and played a tournament in Spain.  ahaha. 😆



I’ll really miss our old times Jemma!   I hope you have a happy and successful life ahead of you.


I’m not very fluent in spanish but… Despedida ~

Just some something, something

My blog’s becoming reallllllllyyy  slow.  Maybe because of school, This is gonna be a busy weekend for me. :s    So, I just took my free time to play a little game of pokemon and post a post. 😆




ahaha, I laughed a lot at this. xD


Because In Japanese, Baka means Stupid.

And in Tagalog (My language),  Baka means cow

Mixing both together means “Stupid Cow”  😆


“I am Stupid Cow.  Aspertia’s City’s Stupid Cow.”    xDD




Just an update, I haven’t been in here for awhile and I haven’t been replying to a bunch of comments, So, I’ll reply the next time i’ll have a free time, For now,  See ya … next,next,next week or so ///slapped



Well.. the test failed 😛

I tried to get a friendcode but it didn’t work but I guess you still have to do a lot of process to be able to use wi-fi on desmume. :/


Oh well, I tried… but i’ll still try and work on it more ~


Since it’s sem. break, I have a lot of free time ^^


Just an update, nothing important but to tell you everything failed. 😆

Wi-fi on Desmume ?

Hey guys! This is kind of a good news!

I started thinking of playing AC:WW on my computer and some say you CAN play via wi-fi there 😮

So i’m wondering… does it?

The Demume v.0.9.7 says it can wi-fi but once you downloaded it, does it become compatible with the internet right away or you still need processes and download several stuff in order to wi-fi ?

If you do know how to do this stuff, Please tell me. I would be really happy. >_<


And also, I’m trying to do this because I wanna wi-fi with my friends 😛  Lots of people have becoming inactive lately T_T

and the fact that my DS is lost along with the AC:WW game card…
They’ll probably don’t sell that kind of old games anymore here 😆

So no choice I guess? xD   I’ll play it on the computer 😆


btw,  Who’s free during October 26/27 – 30

I would be trying to test out my wi-fi during those times. 😛  and most likely, I would be visiting your towns.. or you’ll visit mine 😀 (but i’m sure it’ll still be empty and boring :P)

But I still don’t have a FC.. ( I just started the game today)



Anyway, Wish me luck!  :mrgreen:





Thought I was posting something different, eh?



Little too early you asked?

I made it and celebrated it early because at 31,  I’m going to my Grandmother’s place. So I may not be able to play CF there at night.

And also,In celebration for my 90th post! :mrgreen:


Remember CF Players.. Halloween takes place at October 31 at night… but i played this at night… but I played this 10 – 11 PM at night ((Of course, I time traveled! xD but I suggest you do not and just wait until it’s that specific “date”))

My guess is that it would start at 7 or 8 PM?  I haven’t researched yet. 😆


Anyway,  Let’s start! ^^


Actually, I bought this halloween costume back at September!  (My clock was waaay wrong so I had to put September.. haha xD)


Let’s fix our hair!

but.. wait… there’s something wrong…


Actually, The game was correct and says “October 20, 2012”  but when i changed the wii time  clock to October 31,2012 … My game turned it’s clock to “December 20,2012” …so you can guess why the grass is brown colored…

So that means my wii time clock was August when i changed it to October..?

then my game didn’t sync and just added the months i added ?! xDD


lol,anyway let’s change the game clock this time..  xDD


Okay, The clock seems right now..


Wait.. No, It doesn’t! xDD  It’s October 31 there! 😆

hmm.. turns out there’s no halloween in the day… :/


I time traveled (yet again..)  to October 31 at 10 PM…

Let’s go!


My candies… are gonna be gone just because of this night T_T



I thought he was Jack but I get the game now!

Everyone dresses like Jack and if you mistake a villager for Jack.. He’ll say “Trick or Treat!”
Then they ask for candy 😆


And if you don’t give them candy….



Apparently, If you got caught and you don’t give them candy… they’ll replace your candy with Jack in the box O _ O


My first time seeing Jack!


oh my glob!

Some villager is chasing me!

…I escaped.. but..


Eeep! There’s no escaping now!  T_T

I took a visit to the Able Sisters… realizing I don’t visit them very much now that there’s a city..

I wanted to buy the King Tut Mask though!  but I have no sufficient money to buy it.. xD




This guy is definitely Jack!

I’ve been seeing him a lot and I mostly see him near water (Ocean,Rivers etc.) or Unmovable objects (Cliffs,Houses etc.)  but I haven’t seen him near a tree.. :S

But mostly, I see him facing on the water.. and if you get close.. He runs away rather than chasing after you :mrgreen:


Oh gosh..

I always mistake Axel for Jack..  D:


Now he’s facing on the bulletin (?) board  😛


Whoa.. I didn’t know you can have normal talk to villagers out in Halloween! o _ o

Anyway, Thank you Eloise! ^^


I just took out my net and now she’s running away from me! 😆


Well,  This is the end of the post 😛

Oh wait!  That’s not the end!




I hope you like this post and the drawing was just a doodle (so there’s mistakes here and there) but still… I wanted the last post to be something “nicer” 😛



Well then, I’ll be on hiatus again! xDD

I hope you have a nice day ~

Mary !

I have a new character ~

I named her Mary and i tried to make her look the same as I do IRL (In real life) 😀

This is what she looks like…. eheheh…

Ahh… yeah… bed hair..  Her hair didn’t survived my hiatus


..Neither did my town survived the hiatus .. 😆

My towns full of weeds and dandelions now D:

and… the weed looks like… food? xDD


I see my forest is still in great shape! 😀


Whoa!  I guess some DID survived my hiatus!

I remember planting this plant last month! 😀


The fruit trees that i planted successfully grown too!

but there’s missing patches because I still need oranges for the left side near the apples… I’m trying to plant them at this position..

O    O

X    O

O    O

X    O

I think you get what i mean there, I hope?

The    X   are the patches i haven’t planted yet and the O  or  Circles are the patches with the fully grown trees ~


If you need some foreign fruits, Come stop by to this place and get some for you’re CF Town ~   As many as you like!  but you have to get permission from me first, of course. 🙂

Trying to get a decent picture 😆


My Island! :mrgreen:

My rock patters are still on progress !
So you may find some mistakes here and there 😛


Also! The stumps are there on purpose!  Just for design… I’m planning on doing something to them! 😀


Yeah, Poor Mary is still new and needs to do her “home work” 😆


On the way to the Town Hall to greet the Mayor… THE BIRD… FINALLY IT DIDN’T FLEW AWAY…

but after saving this picture,  It flew away… but at least I get to see it in it’s close-up form—

Looks cute 🙂


-just fine  😆     The words got cut off!   I took a picture WAY too early! xDD



Eep!  My bloomers! No peeping Tom Nook!


In the middle of the job,  I get to deliver stuff for Daisy and she immediately asked me when’s my birthday…. Remember earlier in the post?  I wanted this character to resemble me in real life… at least halfly. 😆

We share the same birthday 😀   (At least i’d get a cake on my birthday in virtual life! XDD)


I’m not sure what i said here but it sounds really funny…

What’s even more funnier is that i gave it to the wrong Animal!  😆

I was supposed to send it to Angus 😆

Nook, of course,  told me “You sent it to the wrong person ((uhm…person?!))  didn’t you?”

Now, What contains the Majestic Letter to Angus!!



“Dear Angus..

You smell like Angus Beef. 🙂  Just saying because you look like beef and i would love to cook– i mean… NOTHING!

From Mary”


((Didn’t got to picture the letter but I memorized what it said though!))



W-wait.. You can’t afford Angus Beef?!

….then you couldn’t afford yourself then? 😆








Later on, I played Serene 🙂     and I know how much her animal friends miss her 😆

Btw guys,  Remember CF People!    THE SWEETS SERIES ARE OUT!

I couldn’t afford one! Even if it’s on sale!   I can’t even afford the table! 😆
It’s worth 70,000 bells or something!   o_O   Just for a sweet edible table!


Gracie Grace…. Your a bit too much in pricing 😆




…hm… not enough?   still not fills up my “hiatus” ?

Then you’re LUCKY.



((Wow! 2 posts with pictures in 1 night! xDD))



Unposted Pictures Back At Summer

Posting some photos i’m supposed to post way,way,waaaayyy back then 😦   but then, got lazy and never got to do it–


So yeah here ~    and also, I wi-fied with a lot of people that time (and that time was summer… so yeah, pretty much free ~)





Sneezing? 😆


I just realized that !  😆


😮  Don’t water Santa!   or else, no gifts!



Santa took revenge 😈


Whoa!  Careful at swinging that net, Serene!

You might hit someone!  xD







LOL !!




Okay, I had enough laughing for a while XDD

More Posts? …Of course!!

I’ll be makin more posts later… I’m making it up for my hiatus 😛


Yepppp…  MY HIATUS IS (halfly) OVER.



Now i’m set to make postsss ~


be ready for it later ~